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foto//friday . accident victims

While I was visiting a hospital in the far west region of Nepal the monsoon season started. With this massive amount of rain, roads that twist and turn up into the foothills of the Himalayas become susceptible to landslides, causing major traffic accidents. We got word that a landslide caused a bus accident about four hours north of Dadeldhura, and with this being the closest hospital, the victims were on their way. When the injured began arriving the sea of people would part for the victims to be taken into the waiting room set up for triage. Family members would do their best to try and get a glimpse of their loved ones awaiting treatment. This is just a small glimpse into a portion of one day (of the week) we spent at this rural hospital.

foto//friday . happiness

I read a beautiful post about happiness today. Then, as I was preparing this post I realized that what I love about this photo is that it makes me happy. I can’t help but smile every time I look at it. This Nepali man was so joyful and hospitable in his roadside restaurant/home and it was here that I had some rice pudding made from buffalo milk. I hope that you smile when you see this photo, and that you can find a little piece of happiness today…no matter where you are!

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foto//friday . overwhelming

I am working on my photo edit for the next issue of TEAMHorizons and started looking through the little bit of time I spent in Piazza San Marco, surrounded by pigeons. People willingly transformed into human scarecrows as flocks of birds would light on their heads, arms, and shoulders fighting for any free space and pecking at their hands for the birdseed that was so enticing. I almost convinced myself to try it.

But more than that just looking at these images, I feel that they represent where I am at right now. I feel l surrounded with a swarm of “to-do’s” that are all pecking at me – trying  to get the best out of me – leaving my head feather-beaten, my arms tired, and everything feeling forced and demanded.  (Happy Friday! Can you tell I am looking forward to the weekend?)

So I smile when I look at these photos, but the reality is that I am exactly in that spot. Maybe I should just open up my hands and let some of this go, relying on the One who has given me the strength and the talent to be doing what I am doing. God, I look to you…

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foto//friday . vision

I have posted a few images from this trip to Afghanistan, but just the other day I was thinking about a lot of the really impacting moments I have had through my travels. Each trip is focused on a story, and each story is interesting and intriguing in its own way. But seeing people receive basic health needs that we take for granted, is a really moving experience. Today, many Afghans are able to see because of this non-profit providing such amazing care and treatment for their people.

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