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While in Peru I visited this location outside of the city of Arequipa. The local church did a weekly children’s program for all of the children who lived in the surrounding area. Before the Bible lesson began, the children would laugh and play on the basketball court by the host’s house. Just as the boys took off to run to the other side of the court, trying to avoid being tagged, I snapped this shot. These kids were so fun to watch. Even in the midst of poverty and need, these kids seemed oblivious and were happy to play, living life to the fullest.

foto//friday . water

For two hours each day the electricity that is generated from a nearby windmill is used to allow nearby villagers to pump water into their water jugs. An organization in Afghanistan is working to provide electricity to villages through wind power and also through micro-hydro power. Along with providing electricity for pumping water, a local clinic is able to keep medicine on hand in refrigerators with the power supplied from the same nearby windmill.

foto//friday . tokyo lights

Almost two years ago I was in Tokyo. I really enjoyed the 10 days that I spent there and I hope to get to go back someday. I had always heard about the urban sprawl of Tokyo, how so much is packed into such a tiny space. While we were up in a building looking over the city I took this photo. It seemed like the lights of the city never ended.

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Almost a year ago I was landing in Istanbul for the first time. That was the first stop in our travel to Antalya to tell the story of the St. Paul Cultural Center (click to download the full article pdf file). Istanbul was beautiful and very intriguing. A bustling city bridging the “east” and the “west”. Antalya, on the other hand, is a beautiful city resting on the Mediterranean.

This photo was taken in the harbor of Antalya. It could have been where Paul came ashore to the city as recorded in the book of Acts.

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I started going back through my travel portraits, while preparing for a presentation on Sunday, and found myself reliving so many moments and stories. On Sunday we are going to sing the song “All the Poor and Powerless” by Sons and Daughters (free download alert!) and I have put together a slideshow of these faces to be showing on the screen while the song is sung. Have a look…if you want a free preview of the slideshow played together with the Sons and Daughters track.

Anyways, back to my initial idea. As I was going through these portraits, there are images where I can see myself in their eyes. It’s just a shadow of the photographer, but in some crazy, hard to explain way, I feel connected to them. I get to tell their story, even though we might have only connected for a brief moment.