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foto//friday . accident victims

While I was visiting a hospital in the far west region of Nepal the monsoon season started. With this massive amount of rain, roads that twist and turn up into the foothills of the Himalayas become susceptible to landslides, causing major traffic accidents. We got word that a landslide caused a bus accident about four hours north of Dadeldhura, and with this being the closest hospital, the victims were on their way. When the injured began arriving the sea of people would part for the victims to be taken into the waiting room set up for triage. Family members would do their best to try and get a glimpse of their loved ones awaiting treatment. This is just a small glimpse into a portion of one day (of the week) we spent at this rural hospital.

The Holga!

I am really excited about including Holga images in my weddings and engagement sessions this year! So, to get ready, I had to practice. I thought I would share some of my first rolls of film. I think I am in love…

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We have seen nature in a state of resurrection for quiet awhile now; now I have to mow my lawn. And it is only April 8th! But that is neither here nor there. Happy Easter everyone – a time to celebrate the Resurrection. So I thought I would put up a blog of these trees, shrubs and other nature-y things coming back to life. I hope that you have a great day, however you may spend it! He is risen!

And before we went hunting for these “rebirths” happening at the Arboretum, we had to have a picnic lunch and some play time as well!

rojo bakes

So did you know that I love to bake? I mean if you follow my instagram (rojofotodesign), facebook, or twitter feeds…you know that already! Cupcakes, pizza dough, cookies; you know, the really good stuff! So today I was baking some bread and I thought I would take some pictures. This is a great recipe for whole wheat bread! Try it for yourself…

So here are the pictures. One lens. One aperture. Two loaves of bread! (And while I post this, Cheyenne is getting the dough ready for some fresh Hot Cross Buns in the morning! Y’all should all come and live with us!)