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foto//friday . turkey

Almost a year ago I was landing in Istanbul for the first time. That was the first stop in our travel to Antalya to tell the story of the St. Paul Cultural Center (click to download the full article pdf file). Istanbul was beautiful and very intriguing. A bustling city bridging the “east” and the “west”. Antalya, on the other hand, is a beautiful city resting on the Mediterranean.

This photo was taken in the harbor of Antalya. It could have been where Paul came ashore to the city as recorded in the book of Acts.

Corina and Miles . San Francisco, CA

Even though I’m an Illinois wedding photographer, San Francisco…one of my favorite cities! So needless to say, I was excited when Corina approached me about photographing their wedding day. I might have to do a part two to this post…!

They had a beautiful wedding, and here are Corina’s words about the inspiration behind their day:

Our inspiration came from Marie Antoinette!  I have always loved everything about her, from her fashion sense, to her daring, bold self, and the whimsical world she lived in filled with chandeliers and color.  I wanted to carry that essence of her into the wedding but still make it about us.  I had so much fun using all of the different colors, and being able to use our imagination.  It was extremely hard to find all of the perfect fabric colors and textures, and the right seamstress….but in the end it was all worth it and it really brought everything together. Family and friends really went out of their way to help us in any way that they could, and they made it that much more special.  Having a lot of diy elements definitely added that personal touch and made the wedding more unique.  I can’t say it wasn’t stressfull at all, but I can say looking back I had so much fun using our imagination and seeing it come to life.

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Dress-Jinza Couture
Florist-I hand picked all of my flowers at the flower market
Ceremony & Reception Venue-Ambiance Antiques & Venue
Photographer- Rojo Foto Design
Brides Shoes-Asos
Makeup-Friend of the family, Charisse
Hair-One of my bridesmaids, Liz
Gloves, Necklace, Rings-Vintage
Groom’s & Groomsmen’s Suit’s-J. Crew
Groom’s Shoes-Asos
Cupcakes-That Takes The Cake
Rentals-Classic Party Rentals
DJ- Kool Kuts

Handmade Items:
Veil, Vintage Button & Flower Boutonnieres, Bride and Bridemaids Bouquets- Made with love by my bridesmaid, Liz
Bridemaids Dresses & Groomsmens Ties- Made by a family friend, Darla
Mason Jar Favors-Made by Groom’s Mother
Mr. & Mrs chair signs-Made by Bride & Groom
Thumb Print Sign in Tree-Made by Groom
Sweet Lovin’ Favor Sign-Made by Groom
Invitations-Designed by Bride & Groom, Formatted by Karen

I found all of my vintage buttons, some vintage accessories, doilies, some apothecary jars and inspiration at-Creative Crafters

foto//friday . walking

After visiting multiple micro-hydro electricity generating sites we started backtracking down the dirt roads towards one last destination. This was the day before we left Afghanistan.

I was frustrated because I had not captured a good photograph of Afghan women dressed in burquas. Since it is culturally taboo for me (a man) to photograph a woman, I was always on alert for the chance to get a photograph without too much “disruption”. We are going about 30mph down the road and I see my opportunity. I asked the driver to slow down and started to shoot through the windshield of the vehicle. This was the shot that I captured.

You can see the woman on the right was walking without her burqua over her, but as soon as she saw me photographing she began to pull it down over her face. I love the colors in this photograph.

Corina and Miles

Corina and Miles were so fun to work with during their engagement session that I just knew this was going to be an amazing wedding. You can’t go wrong with a beautiful antique store and the wonderful city of San Francisco!

Enjoy these few shots, and I will have the rest up shortly. I with I could post the whole wedding…!