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foto//friday . accident victims

While I was visiting a hospital in the far west region of Nepal the monsoon season started. With this massive amount of rain, roads that twist and turn up into the foothills of the Himalayas become susceptible to landslides, causing major traffic accidents. We got word that a landslide caused a bus accident about four hours north of Dadeldhura, and with this being the closest hospital, the victims were on their way. When the injured began arriving the sea of people would part for the victims to be taken into the waiting room set up for triage. Family members would do their best to try and get a glimpse of their loved ones awaiting treatment. This is just a small glimpse into a portion of one day (of the week) we spent at this rural hospital.

Julie and Chris . Greenhouse Loft Wedding

So this was the kick off of rojo’s wedding season, and what a start it was! When Julie and Chris first met with me and told me about their wedding ideas inspired by the colors of the sunrise, plus all of the DIY pieces they were planning, I was totally excited. So to start it all off we planned a sunrise engagement shoot that was freezing cold, but amazing! Then, when June 9th arrived I met up with Julie at the Crowne Plaza and got the first peek at all of the gorgeous details she planned; the beautiful rainbow shades of the flowers; bridesmaid’s shoes; the folders for all of those reading in the ceremony; all of the gold accents; that dress!

Greenhouse Loft Wedding Photography, Chicagoland Wedding Photography, Chicago Wedding Photography, Sunrise Color Wedding Theme, DIY Weddings Chicago
Greenhouse Loft Wedding Photography, Chicagoland Wedding Photography, Chicago Wedding Photography, Sunrise Color Wedding Theme, DIY Weddings Chicago
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Greenhouse Loft Wedding Photography, Chicagoland Wedding Photography, Chicago Wedding Photography, Sunrise Color Wedding Theme, DIY Weddings Chicago

Then the details at the Greenhouse Loft–AMAZING! Just see for yourself! Julie did all of this! Yes, you read that right…Julie did ALL of this. That backdrop, so cool! Look at the colors hanging on the chairs, and the candles with the painted patterns. I loved the tissue paper backdrop for the entry way… It all looked so good!

Julie and Chris are great people–the type of people that you want to keep hanging out with after the wedding is over. They had such a beautiful ceremony officiated by Chris’ parents. One special event that is a wedding tradition is the “ring warming”. The rings are passed through the audience and everyone is given an opportunity to give their best wishes, good thoughts and prayers to the couple while warming the rings! Such a cool way to involve all of the guests. There were a lot of tears of happiness, and an eruption of laughter as Julie and Chris were introduced incorrectly after the first kiss.

…and then there was the dance party! Toast and Jam DJs know how to keep the dance floor going! I think I am going to have to email them for the playlist for the reception. It was crazy good! (Unsolicited plug: If you are looking for a DJ for your wedding, click that link right up there!) See if you can guess which family member (pictured below) danced so hard at another wedding that he split his pants. So if you have waded through all of these images maybe you can tell that we loved every minute of photographing Julie and Chris’ wedding! Thanks guys for letting rojo spend the day with y’all. Best wishes for your future!

And just to show you a little bit more of the amazing things that Julie created, here is a look at their invitation suite, the program, and the mad libs that served as their guest book! Isn’t this stuff just awesome!?!

Janessa - August 27, 2012 - 5:28 am


Laurelyn - September 3, 2012 - 9:02 am

This is such a colorful, fun, and well-photographed wedding!! Wonderful job!

Janessa and JP . Wedding Preview

Janessa and JP were married at the beautiful Queen of All Saints Basilica, and I had the honor of being there to capture this special day. I thought that I would share a few images for you to see now–I will have more to say, and more to show in a bit! Enjoy this little sneak peek (which has to include the AMAZING flowers for Janessa’s sake)!

Janessa - August 27, 2012 - 5:30 am

I love them! Those FLOWER shots! *drool* I can’t wait to see the rest! :)

Janessa - August 27, 2012 - 5:30 am

Thank you for everything! :)

Riane and Evan Preview . Blumen Gardens

The “Love Never Fails 2012″ winners Riane and Evan got married! It was a beautiful day at Blumen Gardens in Sycamore, Illinois. There was so much love surrounding this couple that I wanted to put up an “extended version” of the preview. All I have to say is that this wedding included one of the most amazing (well, probably the most amazing) speech of all time! Let’s just say it ended with a flash mob and at least half of the wedding guest circled around Riane and Evan cheering, clapping and crying. I can’t wait to show more, including the fabulous flowers provided by Forget Me Knodt! Stay tuned, folks.

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[...] more photos, check out their preview on Rojo Foto’s blog! And by the way, the 2013 Love Never Fails Giveaway is coming up SOON! Stay tuned for more [...]