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Anna and Travis — Delafield, Wisconsin

Anna and Travis are so much fun to be around. They both have contagious smiles and are such warm and friendly people that you want to stay friends with them for the rest of your life! It has been my honor to photograph Anna’s two other siblings, so I was looking forward to another opportunity to hand out with the Saindon family! Anna and Travis picked out a beautiful chapel in Delafield, Wisconsin called the Noble Victory Memorial Chapel located on the grounds of St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy. I remember in our first consultation, Anna mentioned the big red doors!

The ceremony was beautiful. One special touch was the addition of sign language interpreters. Anna works as a freelance sign language interpreter, so including this in her wedding was beautiful. You’ll also see in the reception shots people twirling their napkins over their heads. This is a tradition in deaf weddings – no clinking on the glasses to get the couple to kiss, everyone has to twirl their napkins above their heads.

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Anna and Travis are a lot of fun to be around. They love to laugh together, make funny faces, and it is so easy to see their love for each other. We did some shots after the wedding on the ground of the Military Academy, and then we also did some shots in New York City, at the reception that they had for all of their friends who couldn’t make it to the wedding. Travis is from Staten Island, and now they are both residents of the Island.

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Travis made sure to include some of his background into the day as well. At the reception there was a canvas for guests to add a “stroke” to the collaborative painting. Travis teaches high school art. …and I can’t end the post without including a picture of the epic game of musical chairs! What a fun day celebrating two wonderfully fun people! Best wishes to Anna and Travis.

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[...] thought I would pull out a shot from a 2010 wedding…Anna and Travis. We had a lot of fun running around New York City, jumping out at stop lights, walking through [...]

Sophie and Bud — Stockholm, Sweden

When Sophie and Bud approached me about photographing their wedding, I thought about what a great opportunity this would be. It was in Sweden! Not only was it in Sweden, but it was in an amazing church in Stockholm! Not only was it in an amazing church in Stockholm, it was two amazing people, and their amazing families coming together for a great celebration of love! I knew this was going to be a wonderful day.

It worked out that I was already scheduled to be in Sweden right at the time of their wedding, so I took a couple days off from my other responsibilities and joined in the party. On Friday, Bud and Sophie had their civil ceremony, and then Saturday was the big day at the Hedvig Eleonora Krykan. This octagonal church was consecrated in 1737 and named after a Swedish Queen Hedvig Eleonora.

Early that Saturday morning, June 5, Sophie and her bride’s maids were busy about the house preparing for the ceremony. Sophie’s family has a beautiful, cozy house full of wonderful antiques, and lots of room for all of the hustle and bustle (and extra guests). Sophie had chosen to include a touch of a nautical theme in her wedding – blue, white and red, anchors, and boats.

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After arriving at the church there was a picture everywhere you looked. This post could just be about the inside/outside of the church. I just chose a few of the images to show the wonderful details of this gorgeous Swedish church.

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The ceremony was so warm and heartfelt, including Swedish songs and hymns. Sophie comes from an amazingly talented musical family, and music has always been a part of their family (including the grandfather who led some wonderful singing at the reception)!

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After the ceremony the couple and I headed out to have some fun exploring the city and taking some wonderful photographs. First we had to weave our way through the blocked streets and crowds that had gathered for the Stockholm Marathon, but we finally ended up at a castle near the Sophie’s home. The beautiful grounds were quite a sanctuary from the business that surrounds the wedding day.

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Before the reception could begin everyone joined hands, linked arms and enjoyed a Swedish Polonaise. There was a lot of laughing and singing to follow in the reception hall.

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This was a beautiful day! Congrats to Sophie and Bud…may your love grow even deeper than it already was on this day! What a wonderful experience to be a part of your special day.

Ghost Face Killah, aka The big Cheese - August 22, 2011 - 12:48 pm

Great Pictures Rob!

Jasmin and Micah – Long Beach, CA

Miranda and Brian – San Francisco, CA

I love San Francisco, so when Miranda contacted me about photographing her and Brian’s wedding, I was super excited. This city is on the top of my family’s list of places we would love to live. We’ll see…

Miranda and Brian are great to be around. Their humor and wit is very refreshing and makes for a lot of laughter and fun. I had known Brian from when I lived in California, but when I met Miranda (in person) the night before the wedding, it seemed like I had known her forever. I enjoying the feeling of adding “friends” to my life through photography.

It was a beautiful day for a wedding and trekking around the city with the bridal party. Miranda had picked out some great locations and we also stumbled upon a great red chair thrown out in an alley! Miranda’s bouquet was a stunningly simple (I’m guessing) two dozen roses. Everything was so beautiful.

Best wishes to Miranda and Brian and lots of love in your future!

Becky and Ondrej – Lewiston, Maine

You know those people that you just want to be friends with because they are so nice and friendly? Well, let me introduce you to Becky and Ondrej. These are two of the most genuine people! I was so excited to get to photograph their wedding for them.

They have wonderful and loving families. Eventually my family and I will make it back out to Maine and take up the “come visit us anytime” invitation that Becky’s parents extended. I have had the privalidge of photographing two of Ondrej’s siblings, and it was so good to get to see his parents once again. Just truly wonderful people!

The wedding took place at Bates College in Lewiston on a gorgeous summer day. Well, it ended up being the hottest day of the year, but when the sun is shining, who can complain. Enjoy the photos of this lovely couple – and all the best to Becky and Ondrej!