the new look of rojo foto//design

With many thanks to Luxecetera, rojo foto//design has a fantastic new look! When I started through this process with Luxecetera, I knew right off that this was going to go somewhere great. Each phone call got me so excited and pumped up about possibilities, ideas, uses for the new pieces, marketing, and on and on… Even before seeing the first round of concepts, I knew I had chosen the right design firm to help change the look of “rojo”.

This has been quite a process for me. I had to fight back some guilty feelings for not working on this myself. But I knew that first, I don’t have a lot of time to spend developing a brand for myself, and second, I could never please myself. Maybe I’m just a rarity…but somehow I doubt that. So I really wanted to convey to Ashley and her team what I was about, what I love, what I get inspired by, and they listened very carefully and intently.

One amazing moment of brilliance (because I think there were many) came when I got a phone call back from Ashley and she was telling me about the process of choosing the cricket to add to the branding. During our early conversations I talked about my background in music and how music is still a large part of my life, and so they wanted to add that into the brand in some way. To my relief they decided to not go the route of a bird sitting on a branch, but instead started to think of other “musical” things. When Ashley told me they had decided on a cricket, I knew that was going to be amazing! It is clever and unique, and I loved the subtlety of fitting this musical side of me into the branding.

Patterns, illustrations, fonts, colors, paper type, stamps, sizes, and so many other details were thought out and executed so wonderfully!

I could go on and on about Luxecetera! Seriously, if you are looking for branding…look no further.

So, I am proud to be able to show you guys some of the stuff that Ashely at Luxecetera worked up! Now…just shoot me an email to inquire about your wedding or portraits and you can get some “rojo” goodness in the mail!

Thank you to Ashley, Tyrie, Jo and the rest of the crew that I didn’t talk to at Luxecetera for such an awesome brand!

(PS…the logo is even going to be featured in the book Logo Lounge 6! How cool is that?!)

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