Merry Christmas!

So this is a bit late, but I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all of you! I hope that you had a great holiday with your family or friends. …and here’s to an AMAZING 2012!

(I’m not a craft blogger, but I just have to say that I made everything that you see in this photo (except the two tea light candles)! and yes, I’m a proud crafter!)

Gabe and Brad Wedding . Glen Ellyn

This wedding was special in a number of ways, but there is one thing that I will always remember about this day. Gabe and Brad heard me mention in our meetings that my wife is starting her photography classes in January. While sharing that with them, I also mentioned that we would love to be a husband/wife team one day. When they called me back, they mentioned that one condition on me photographing their wedding would be that I bring my wife along and let her shoot with me. “Even if nothing turns out,” they said! We were both so excited! So, this wedding will go down in the rojo history books as our first husband/wife wedding! I came to find out that Gabe and Brad both love to be a catalyst to help people reach their goals/dreams. A very SPECIAL thanks to you guys…I can’t wait to look back and say that this day was the day it all began!

But it wasn’t about us…it was about Gabe and Brad! They we so fun to work with, so laid back, and very crazy! I knew immediately, from their engagement session (trampoline, foot races…etc!), that they would have an awesome wedding day. I am so glad that I got to be a part of that. It was also very evident that these two are really loved by all the people around them. So, for their guests (many of them from out of town), they wanted to give them a true “Chicago” experience. There was Lou Malnati’s pizza, Garrett’s popcorn (the Chicago mix, of course), and Portillo’s chocolate cake! Now that’s my kind of reception! Anyways, enjoy the look at this wonderful day, and this beautiful couple!

maggie fortson - December 28, 2011 - 8:34 am

Fantastic!! Love the ring shot!

This is what it looks like…

In the chaos, peace. During the struggle, rest. While in pain, comfort. With all the hurt, joy. At the end of it all, hope. This is what it looks like when God is all around! It’s the eye of the hurricane…

Listening to the song “What Does It Sound Like” by Bethel Live, that line stating God is all around really grabbed me. I have needed to run back to that promise time and time again. So today, in needing to reach out and hold on to that word, I thought I should just create something of a reminder. I grabbed my photos, opened up my computer and put this together. May it encourage you to remember that God is truly all around you, at all times! Look around. Whatever situation you are in, God is there!


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thanks to both of you guys…two of the people who inspire me!

Whitney and RW . Part Two

I know that I waited too long to get this second part on the blog, but it is still worth a look! I said it in the first post, but Whitney and RW had so many details in their wedding, with many great DIY aspects as well. It was great to see Whitney and RW’s lives (Whitney was an art major and RW works at a Library) intertwined into this special day. I loved the combination of  cotton and ginkgo leaves into the florals, all of the books (the Wilder Mansion was at one point a library) with the chalkboard paint and table numbers! Anyways, this was a great day. I was so glad to revisit it as I put together this part two blog. Again, congrats to RW and Whitney! May you guys have many, many years of love and happiness! Blessings to you guys! (Here’s part one, if you missed it!)

David Sowers - December 12, 2011 - 6:58 pm

Rojo, I love everything you shoot. Beautiful in all its simplicity. Kudos.