Becky and Ondrej – Lewiston, Maine

You know those people that you just want to be friends with because they are so nice and friendly? Well, let me introduce you to Becky and Ondrej. These are two of the most genuine people! I was so excited to get to photograph their wedding for them.

They have wonderful and loving families. Eventually my family and I will make it back out to Maine and take up the “come visit us anytime” invitation that Becky’s parents extended. I have had the privalidge of photographing two of Ondrej’s siblings, and it was so good to get to see his parents once again. Just truly wonderful people!

The wedding took place at Bates College in Lewiston on a gorgeous summer day. Well, it ended up being the hottest day of the year, but when the sun is shining, who can complain. Enjoy the photos of this lovely couple – and all the best to Becky and Ondrej!

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