foto//friday – Faces

I have had the privilege of meeting some amazingly beautiful people (inside and out) around the world. Taking their portrait lets me remember a little bit about them after I am home. Sometimes looking into these eyes, seeing joy on faces, sensing hurt in the weathered wrinkles gives you a clue into the life that they have lived.

Here are two faces from Afghanistan.

The young boy was in line to have his eyes examined. He talk about how he was having trouble with his school work because of his vision. When I look at this picture I smile, because I know that he received quality eye care, and probably is now complaining because he doesn’t want to do his school work.

This girl lived in a small village north of Kabul that is able to pump clean water because of a wind power project in her village. When I approached her to take her picture she was really wary of me and my camera. But with a few “camera tricks” that bright, infectious smile filled her face. I have smiled a number of times just looking at this photo. I think you will too.

Look around you today. Remember that the faces you see around you represent a story.

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