foto//friday . overwhelming

I am working on my photo edit for the next issue of TEAMHorizons and started looking through the little bit of time I spent in Piazza San Marco, surrounded by pigeons. People willingly transformed into human scarecrows as flocks of birds would light on their heads, arms, and shoulders fighting for any free space and pecking at their hands for the birdseed that was so enticing. I almost convinced myself to try it.

But more than that just looking at these images, I feel that they represent where I am at right now. I feel l surrounded with a swarm of “to-do’s” that are all pecking at me – trying  to get the best out of me – leaving my head feather-beaten, my arms tired, and everything feeling forced and demanded.  (Happy Friday! Can you tell I am looking forward to the weekend?)

So I smile when I look at these photos, but the reality is that I am exactly in that spot. Maybe I should just open up my hands and let some of this go, relying on the One who has given me the strength and the talent to be doing what I am doing. God, I look to you…

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