the forest

I have a very lofty goal for 2011…I would like to make more toys for my kids than I buy for them. Totally doable, especially when it involves simple toy crafts like this one!

I was surfing the web the other day, after a friend of mine posted a list of her favorite craft blogs. As I was browsing through these craft blogs I was getting more and more inspired to really make more of the toys/crafts around our house. That was when I got the idea to do the Valentine’s Day Bunting…and I’ll attach one extra photo on here showing the beginnings of the next craft project (think lots of shiny silver and stiff computerized movements!). But back to what I was saying. In my surfing I came across Made by Joel! I love his site…great ideas, including this very simple one!

I went to Home Depot and headed straight for the scrap wood section. I found a piece and asked the sales associate to cut it in half for me. He did, and then proceeded to write “free” on the boards! …So this craft cost me $0.00! (unless you want to get technical and count the gas I used.) Shiloh-Grace and Huck love playing with their forests, but only Huck would take the time out of his busy day to play in front of the camera.

And the next toy starts out looking like these:

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